A huge part of a city's heritage is religion and New Orleans is chock loaded with it. One in specific that is synonymous with New Orleans is Voodoo. This interview is with a specialist (who wanted to stay confidential) from Marie Laveau's Home of Voodoo in the heart of the French Quarter.While you are making efforts to get rid of a curse that has a… Read More

"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" was composed by an unidentified author, described as the Gawain-poet, in the late 14th Century. In 1839, it was discovered in the British Library. The British Library got the poem from the Cotton Library, and Sir Robert Cotton obtained it from a library in Yorkshire. The Gawain-poet lived somewhere in the Midlands … Read More

Neo Steam was initially produced in Japan by Hanbitsoft, a Korea-based company. The game Neo Steam was initially introduced to America in early 2008 through the GamenGame open beta. GamnGame and Game Networks interacted on this game and it was remarkable. Regrettably there where some concern they simply couldn't appear to fix as an outcome they nev… Read More

A yard would be ideal if it would be able to accommodate a big number of household and friends, a yard where it is comfortable for both the young and old. Many homeowners pick whether or not to get a pool as a very first significant purchase for the yard of their new house. Then there's the deck, would you like a deck to come off from the back door… Read More

Have you ever seen a company opportunity infomercial? I saw one a while ago that was a traditional. The product was set versus a backdrop of cascading dollar bills (actually money streaming over the equipment). The voice over said something like "wish to work less and get abundant? - call now!". In essence they were stating that if you bought their… Read More